Introducción GlobalFact 



Global Fact is a service electronic billing, created by Global Soft SaaS, facilitates administrative process from the company.

Our system of billing arises from the need to adapt the changes and new guidelines by the SAT since a few years ago.

Is a web platform written in PHP, offer the ease of managing information, control the products and services, and allows the inventory process.

GlobalFact consulta de factura GlobalFact facturación electrónica

Main features:

  • Customer management
  • Control of products and services
  • Reports by customers and suppliers
  • Customized invoices with logo
  • Electronics folios valid to 12 months
  • Invoice storage by 5 years
  • Technical support

Is an app SaaS found in the cloud, you need to select and contractual the package that is better for your needs or company, almost inmediatly it will be possible to start inovicing with GlobalFact.

A great advantage in GlobalFact is completely integrable to the billing systems.


Basic electronic billing, GlobalFact counts with the next services:

  • Sale of electronical foliage
  • Invoice design
  • Digitization
“Its ally in simplifying virtual billing processes”

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