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GLPI open source

GLPI is is a free IT Asset Management, issue tracking system and service desk solution. This open source software is written in PHP and distributed under GPL license.

The app is written in PHP and requieres an Apache server, as well as a MySQL database and fundamental in the philosophy of open source.

 GLPI Web Admin



  • Managing Service Desk Requests
  • Management of incidences of the service desk.
  • Generating customizable business rules by entity to generate requests.
  • The management of escalations of SLA customizable by entity.
  • Assigning requests to an area according to the category belonging.
  • Possibility of reassigning requests to an area
  • Approval or rejection of the application.


GLPI Móvil


The app developed for Android and iOS allows to the finals users give follow up and request services quickly.


  • Pick up a new ticket
  • New application form
  • Tickets raised by the user.
  • See updates
  • Add new comments and information
  • Close ticket

GLPI Service

Juan Luis

Acerca de Juan Luis Prieto

Desarrollador con 18 años de experiencia en la industria de la tecnología de información, aplicando soluciones creativas a problemáticas de negocio, adaptando el conocimiento al constante cambio y a la generación de nuevas posibilidades.

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