MariaDB is an open source relational database management system based on MySQL. It is a fork or developmental derivative of MySQL and provides a replacement for MySQL as well.

One of MariaDB’s strengths is that it focuses on security for the database with the team continually finding and fixing security issues for both technologies. In terms of compatibility, MariaDB is made to be a database solution where you can move a MySQL database directly into the MariaDB system easily.

Benefits of using it?

  • The better security
  • Improved performance
  • Better query optimizers
  • Faster joins
  • PAM support

Finally, the makers are dedicated to keeping the code open source.

Incorporates new storage engines:

  • FederatedX: Replaces Federated that incorporates MySQL.
  • OQGRAPH: The database system supports the use of hierarchies of complex structures and graphs.
  • SphinxSE: It allows us to use search under Sphinx to allow text searches.
  • Cassandra Storage Engine: Access a data cluster. By default it is not installed and must be activated separately.