Corporate management

Corporate Management

Corporate management is an application that helps to take the control in his company in a way easy and safe, only with the important information.


  • Found it in the clow
  • Software as a service
  • Realice automatic backups
  • Multisucursal
  • Flexible
  • Available from internet
  • Compatible with mobiles devices
  • Reduce the administration time



Functions steps:

  • General view of all your moves in graphics
  • Enter the expenses in detail and carry a registry to get a better administration.
  • Actualise the moves from the project’s cost.
  • Registry the income and bills receivable.
  • Store information from your employees (personal information, roles, certifications,etc).
  • A project list of all your activities, calendar and collaborator.
  • Create an inventory.
  • Know the status in real time of your cash flow, accounts receivable, general income, employee expenses, activities, etc.
  • Registry of all the contacts (projects, taxes, clients, bills, products, etc).
  • Enter and attach important information.


Corporate management
Corporate management
Corporate management
Corporate management
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